Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011 Ducks uniform review

I think the Ducks have one of the coolest logos in professional sports. It's classic but at the same time modern and their uniforms are no exception. Over the years the Ducks have slighly altered their uniforms but this season they came out with completely new black and orange jerseys.

While I love the orange jerseys I wish the team would go with solid white pants with a black stripe on the side (obviously money plays and issue with another set of pants). I'd also like to see how the jerseys would look with the "Ducks" logo script across the front.

I also liked the new black jerseys with "Long Island" written in script across the front were used exclusively on the road (These were much better then their old ones with which featured a green vest). However, I thought the uniform would have looked much better with a solid black hat as opposed to the hat with the gray crown and black bill (During the playoffs the Ducks wore their orange jerseys for road games which I didn't like).

However, I still think the Ducks classic pinstripe look is the best, especially with the black sleeves and hats.

One part of the uniform I'd like to see the Ducks incorporate in is a black crown with orange bill cap, kind of like the Baltimore Orioles wear. Here's a prototype of what that hat would look like.

Also as a side note, I was looking to purchase a Ducks jersey this past season and aside from charity auctions and a few old vest jerseys in The Waddle-In Shop there wasn't much of a selection. I wish the Ducks would offer more jerseys for fans to buy. I know many people who spend the $100 or so to get one.


  1. The orange jersey are kinda neat. I see they kept the ugly grey road caps, though. :(

  2. Yeah they kept those hats. I think they are pretty ugly too. They used to have solid green road caps which were much better. I'd really like to see them get the black crown/orange bill hats.