Monday, November 14, 2011

Jason Johnson Interview

Here's a trivia questions for Ducks fans, Who caught the final out in the 2004 Atlantic Championship series? Answer, Jason Johnson.

Johnson was a 12th Round Pick (346th overall) of the Philadelphia Phillies in the 1996 MLB Draft. Johnson played three seasons for the Ducks and totaled 16 Home Runs, drove in 110 RBI's and stole 52 bases.

In 2004, The starting outfield of Johnson, Justin Davies, and Kimera Bartee were a trio that wreaked havoc on the base paths for opposing teams. They were a major reason the Ducks won the Atlantic League Championship that season.

In 2009, Johnson was named to the Ducks 10th Anniversary Team.

CM: Favorite Baseball player?

JJ: Albert Pujols.

CM: If you could play catch with one person dead or alive, who would it be?

JJ: My Dad. He never saw me play professionally and I can't recall ever playing catch with him. He died earlier this year and if I could, I would play with him.

CM: How did you become a Duck?

JJ: Coach McCormick knew me from when he coached with the Phillies. He gave me the opportunity to play for the Ducks.

CM: 2004 was such a special season, what was your favorite moment?

JJ: There were alot but it's hard to top catching the final out to secure the Title!

CM: 2004 was also a breakout season for yourself (you had career highs in HR's, RBI's, and SB's), what was the biggest factor in your personal success that season?

JJ: Playing along side Kimera Bartee. I needed to see first hand that someone of my size could drive the ball and still use his speed. I was always told to hit the ball on the ground my whole career. Watching KB and learning from him "took the cuffs off" in a way.

CM: Who was your favorite teammate with the Ducks?

JJ: I met so many great guys while playing in Long Island. It's hard to pick a favorite. I was the closest with Kimera Bartee and Justin Davies. I guess that's why we were such a great outfield unit!

CM: Since you've retired from baseball, what are you doing?

JJ: I became a police officer in North Carolina. I worked 3 yrs with Concord P.D. I now currently work for Duke Energy at one of their Nuclear Power Plants. I'm a Company Police Officer for them and no I'm not Glowing yet. I also do some baseball instructing and coaching on the side.

CM: What did it mean to be named to the Ducks 10th Anniversary team?

JJ: It was a huge honor. To be recognized for the hard work and sacrifice that we all put in was very gratifying. I am extremely proud to be a part of the 10th Anniversary team!

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