Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kimera Bartee this summer in Troy, NY State College Spikes @ Tri-City Valley Cats

I posted this post on my collecting blog this past summer. Former Duck Kimera Bartee who is now managing the State College Spikes in the NY-PENN League was in Troy, NY to play the Tri-City Valley Cats. (At the time LI Ducks Blog wasn't up and running). I got a chance to briefly talk to him before the game and had some a few cards for me. It's nice to see Kimera managing, and we hope to see him in the MLB as a manager one day.

July 27, 2011, State College Spikes @ Tri-City Valley Cats

Bruno Stadium, Troy, NY - I don't normally go outside of the Atlantic League to get autographs but every once in a while a former Atlantic League player or Long Island Duck will pop up. When I found out that former Duck Kimera Bartee was coaching the State College Spikes and that they were coming to Troy to face the Valley Cats I was excited.

I was suppose to go to the game on Friday to get Kimera but the weather forecast wasn't too good so I decided to go tonight. I haven't been to a Valley Cats game in 10 years, so I was a little new to it.

I got the stadium around 6pm and walked in and went over to the third base line where the visiting team's dugout is suppose to be. After about 15 minutes I realized this stadium is backwards and the home team is on the third base line, so I raced over the first base line where a bunch of hounds had already accumulated. I had seen one of the hounds at a local card shop and struck up a conversation with him. These guys were really into getting autographs of low minor league players. They had debut cards and 1st year cards. Since I've dedicated a budget to the Atlantic League I was interested and bypassed the prospects.

I waited for a while and finally at about 6:45 Kimera came out the club house and went to the opposite side of the dugout. One of the hounds yelled "Hey Bartee!" which I thought was rude. Then I yelled over to him, "Kimera! Autograph please?" he replied back, "I'll be right over!" A few minutes later Kimera came over and I told him I had got his autograph 7 years earlier at a Ducks game and he was like "oh boy!" then when he looked at the custom cards he said "What's that? I've never seen that before!" So I told him about how I made some custom cards and offered him one but he declined and told me he was at the ceremony for the 10th Anniversary Team as he signed that card. Seven years later and he's still one of the best autographs and nicest guys. Another 3 cards down for my sets.

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