Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mets blocking teams...again, and the beginning of the Atlantic League.

If you're curious to how the Atlantic League got started then these two posts on Mike Silva's NY Baseball Digest are must reads.

The first highlights how the Mets and specifically Fred Wilpon invoked his territorial rights and blocked Frank Boulton from putting a Yankee affiliate on Long Island. Since they couldn't put an affiliated team...the Atlantic League and Ducks were born .

"He (Wilpon) also mentioned during Media Day this year the Mets had their doubts that baseball on Long Island would succeed. The five to six thousand fans who come to the ballpark each night would disagree. I don’t see why another team closer to the five boroughs wouldn’t have similar success."
- From Mike Silva's article

The post also talks about the Mets and Atlantic League trying to get teams in Nassau County..

Aside from article listen to the Radio's pretty funny.

The second is a post a little more than a month ago about how the Mets are now trying to block the Scranton Yankees from playing their games in Newark's Riverfront Stadium...

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