Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stadium Review of Bethpage Ball Park

I ran across this review of Bethpage Ball Park on Stadium Review.

While, I do think the price of concessions is a little pricey, I disagree with them saying assertion
that "There aren't really any unique features of the ballpark. It is nice and clean, but a little forgettable."

It's a ball park, not amusement park. So it's a great venue for baseball. One thing they don't list on their site is access to players, autographs, fireworks, promotional give-aways, or inclement weather.
  • The stands go right down to field level so either before the game or after the game you can catch up with a player to get an autograph (home or visiting team).
  • Almost every weekend the Ducks provide fireworks for fans. Many families plan outings around these dates.
  • When the Ducks aren't doing fireworks they are doing a promotional give-away. Many of these include novelties such inflatable bats, card sets, bags, and bobbleheads of former players, coaches and celebrities.
  • Also the big concourse in the park is great if it starts to ran and doesn't get over crowded with the 6,000 plus fans.
What are your thoughts on Bethpage Ball Park?


  1. Generic isn't necessarily bad. Of the Atlantic League parks I've seen, Camden and Bridgeport offer unique views. Lancaster has the merry-go-round. Somerset has a nice ballpark, but it's not especially memorable compared to the others.

  2. I've never been to Bridgeport but I went to Camden. I love how the Ben Franklin bridge is in the back drop. However, the park is huge and seems a little too big. Honestly, I haven't been to an AL park I didn't like.