Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sugar Land Skeeters Logo

I have to admit I was pretty pumped when I first found that the Sugar Land Skeeters were going to join the Atlantic League. I've always felt the league was unique in their style and location of I though this fit the bill.

I wasn't too fond of the name "Skeeters," when I first head it but it's grown on me. It's something totally different than any other minor league teams. The Loudoun Hounds are schedule to play in 2013 (were suppose to play in 2012, but were pushed back) and their logo and team name similar to the River City Rascals of the Frontier League.

While the logo has also grown on me, I like the "Skeeter" stinging the state of Texas, and I like the arching "Sugar Land" over the top. However I don't like the "Skeeters" being so prominent in the logo. I wish the would have shrunk it and arched it under the "Skeeter" making the logo smaller and more condensed.
Here are the two hats they'll be wearing next season. I like the "SL" one because it has a nice classic feel. The second hat with the Skeeter is nice too but I wish they would have included the picture of Texas on the hat with the Skeeter.

I haven't been able to see what the Skeeters are going to wearing for actual uniforms next season. Once I find out I'll post it.

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