Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sugarland trips to Bethpage Ball Park next season...

I know the Ducks and Atlantic League season just ended, but with the release of the schedule a few weeks ago excitement is already building.

For some time now I've been blogging about the expansion of the Atlantic League into Texas, and next season the first of hopefully four teams will start playing...the Sugar Land Skeeters.

The Skeeters are going to be managed by former MLB great Gary Gaetti.

The Skeeters will be making three trips to Long Island next season and here's a breakdown of when they'll be at Bethpage Ball Park:

First Trip:
Thursday, June 28th
Friday, June 29th
Saturday, June 30th
Sunday, July 1st

Second Trip:
Friday, July 20th
Saturday, July 21th
Sunday, July 22th

Third Trip
Monday, August 6th
Tuesday August 7th
Wednesday, August 8th


  1. I'm still curious how the whole team in Texas thing is going to work out. I think I will have to try to see Sugarland once next season when they come to NJ - I'd like to get Gary Gaetti's autograph.

  2. Frank Boulton said they are trying to put a four team division in Texas, and per my previous posts are looking for owners, and cities.

    I've been asked by people if I think teams from other Indy leagues would join? I don't think so.
    I think the draw of the Atlantic League is new fresh teams, in new markets.

    I also think once Loudoun gets off the ground the AL will try and put more teams there. I can see a 12 or 16 team league down the road.

    Also, I still wish Newark was in it.