Saturday, November 26, 2011

The winding road of Pride...

Today I was driving to Long Island and I stopped off at a rest area on the Thruway a saw a guy wearing a Pittsfield Colonials jersey.

The Pittsfield Colonials folded this past season after being in the CAN-AM League. Prior to that they were called the American Defenders of New Hampshire, and before that they were the Nashua Pride a founding member of the Atlantic League and were in the league from 1998-2005. They won the league Championship in 2000.

Like member "former" AL teams the Pride had terrible attendance and were forced to leave the AL for the CAN-AM league which help financially because the teams in that league were geographically closer to them. In 2007, they won the CAN-AM Championship.

In 2008, they were sold and renamed the American Defenders of New Hampshire but still continued to play in Holman Stadium until they were evicted in 2009 for non-payment of rent.

Eventually, the were sold again and moved to Pittsfield where they became the Colonials. They played their games at Wahconah Park which was home previously of Berkshire Bears in the Northern League (the predecessor of the CAN-AM League). At the time Wahconah Park was being used for "Old-Time" baseball games which used 188o type uniforms. The Colonials new uniforms were modeled after "Old-Time" uniforms.

In 2011 the Colonials ceased operations.

It's interesting to see where these teams go after they leave a specific league. I remember watching the Ducks play them and getting the autograph of current Lancaster Manager Butch Hobson who was their Manager at the time. They always had solid teams but seemed to always have to travel as they didn't have geographic rival like most AL teams.

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