Saturday, December 10, 2011

2004 Somerset Patriots Team Card Set Review

The Somerset Patriots finished the 2004 season with a impressive 68-58 record, but missed out on the Atlantic League playoffs.

The 2004 Patriots team set was produced by Multi-Ad Sports and features 30 cards including their mascot Sparkee (named for Sparky Lyle). One interesting thing about this set is the cards are not numbered but rather have jersey numbers. It also had no checklist or cover card. (Also, this set was not autographed. I obtained the autographs myself)

Aside from Manager Sparky Lyle and Pitching Coach John Montefusco the set didn't have many big names. It did have some former MLB Players including Edgard Clemente, Ryan Radmanovich, , Chris Wakeland, Jason Dickson, Scott Aldred, and Pat Elder. Yet, some former MLBers like Mark Lukasiewicz, Luis Lopez, Robinson Cancel, DaRond Stovall, Joe Winkelsas, and Gene Stechshulte were left out. Also, in the set is All-Time Atlantic League RBI leader Jeff Nettles, and Victor Rodriguez who had 25 Home Runs that season.

Here's a list of players in the set:

Chris Wakeland
Victor Rodriguez
Jhonny Perez
Emmanuel Santana
Emiliano Escandon
Shane Heams
Mike Spiegel
Chris Lemonis
Scott Aldred
Paul Darnell
Norm Hutchins
Matt Carnes
Jason Davis
Tony Gsell
Ryan Radmanovich
Dave Elder
Dan Mozingo
Edgard Clemente
Justin Jensen
Matt Schawager
Jason Dickson
Paul Ottavinia
Blake Williams
Brad King
Bryan Malko
Sparky Lyle
John Montefusco
Danny Perez
Sparkee (Mascot)

Like many of the Patriots sets, the cards have horiztional design and flat finish which is graph for getting autographs. However, the set is extremely cluttered with two different action shots and a logo. It also has a blue band down the middle that reads. "Somerset Patriots." All the clutter on the card makes autographs look terrible.

The back of the card features a smaller black and white version of one of the pictures on the front, as well as stats and biographical information which is probably the best part of the card.

The cards in this set feel thinner than most baseball cards, and the corners are very easily chipped.

I have been unable to find this set for sale at Lake County Minors, STB Sports, or eBay.

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