Monday, December 5, 2011

2007 Long Island Ducks Team Card Set Review

Here's the review of the 2007 Long Island Ducks team set by Paul Hadsall of Paul's Random Stuff.

2007 Long Island Ducks Team Set - Manager Dave LaPoint lead the Ducks to a 72-54 record in the independent Atlantic League. His squad had a number of former major league stars, including Edgardo Alfonzo and Carl Everett. Other notable former major leaguers including Jose Offerman, Danny Graves, Bill Pulsipher and Pete Rose Jr. At least 23 members of the 2007 Long Island roster had major league experience.

The 2007 Long Island Ducks got national attention for a bizarre and frightening incident during an August game in Bridgeport, Conn. After getting hit by a pitch, Offerman charged the mound...more

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  1. The 2007 set was the first Ducks set I ever got. I had only discovered the Atlantic League in the later part of 2006. I managed to get 9 cards from the set signed. It's so hard to find a lot of former players to complete sets ttm. Heck, we need a classifieds tab!

    All kidding aside, incredible blog! I visit daily!

  2. Thanks Bill, We appreciated your feedback!

    I'm in a similar situation as a I stepped away from the Atlantic League for a few years and am no back tracking to complete some autographed sets. One tool I've utilized is Facebook. If a player I need for a set is on there I'll send them a quick email and ask if I can send the cards I need signed for their PO address or a business address. So far I've been able to acquire about 4 signatures that way.

    Keep checking back we have a lot of new and exciting features for the blog.