Monday, December 5, 2011

Freddie Thon Interview

Freddie Thon is a fan favorite on Long Island for his outstanding fielding, solid hitting and crazy facial hair.

Thon a native of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico grew up around baseball as his father Frankie was a professional player and scout. While his uncle Dickie was a Major League shortstop.

He was orginally drafted by the Houston Astros in the 43rd Round (1300th Overall) in the 2002 MLB Amauter Draft. However, he did not sign and instead enrolled at Brevard Community College and then attended Villanova University.

In 2004, he was again drafted but this time by the Texas Rangers in 18th Round (531st Overall) of the MLB Amateur Draft. He signed with the Rangers organization on June 16, 2004.

Thon was known through out minor league baseball for amazing fielding ability, including picking errant throws out of the dirt from fielders.

After a brief stint in the Chicago White Sox organization and the Joliet Jack Hammers in 2008, Freddie joined the Ducks in 2009 where he had a .355 average and 17 RBI's in only 20 games.

In 2011 (after he spent the 2010 season in Joliet), Thon returned to the Ducks organization where he batted .284 with 7 Home Runs, and 47 RBI's.

Currently, Freddie is playing winter ball in Puerto Rico for the Leones de Ponce.

CM: Favorite Baseball player?

FT: My favorite baseball player when I was young was Frank Thomas, mainly because he was a first baseman and hit a lot of home runs. Then it became Lance Berkman because he played for the Astros and that was my favorite team growing up. Nowadays it is Dustin Pedroia because I love the way he plays the game and his attitude.

CM: Favorite Athlete?

FT:My favorite athlete would have to be Dustin Pedroia again because I love the fire he brings to the game and his the fact that he has a cocky attitude but it's real, he doesn't fake anything.

CM: When you came to the Ducks, what were you first thoughts?

FT:When I first came to the Ducks in 2009, my first thoughts were honestly to help the team win in any way possible because I was just an outsider coming to a team in a playoff race.

CM: After this past season, how do you feel about the Ducks?

FT:After this past season, the way I feel about the Ducks is that I will probably never play for a more memorable team than the 2011 Long Island Ducks, for many reasons. The memories that I made in 2011 will keep popping up in my head for years to come and it was really a great season.

CM: You made it to AA, but never the majors. What are you feelings towards that?

FT: The fact that I made it to AA and not the majors in my mind is more of an accomplishment than anything. I have enjoyed every minute of playing professional baseball and I feel like as I have gotten older and more experienced, I have further learned how to play the game the right way, and that mindset is what helps me enjoy the game in any level that I play it, be it independent leagues, winter league, or a Saturday afternoon playing beer league softball. I enjoy playing this game hard and playing to win no matter where I am playing the game. It would have been great to made it up to AAA or the Big Leagues, but I have no regrets and I'm very proud of my career.

CM: You get a chance to play catch with one person dead or alive who is it?

FT:If I could play catch with one person dead or alive it would probably be Mariano Rivera, so that I can show him my cutter.

CM: If a fan asks you to sign 10 autographs what are your thoughts?

FT:If a fan asks me to sign 10 autographs, my thought is honestly that if I have the time to sign them, I have no problem signing them.

CM: Do you think social networking has helped with the popularity of the Ducks and the Atlantic League?

FT: I think social networking has definitely helped the popularity of the Ducks and the Atlantic League, and the Ducks do a great job with the website and the twitter account.

CM: Favorite Baseball moment?

FT: There are many baseball moments that come to mind when considering what is my favorite baseball moment of my life, but any big hit or defensive play late in a game or any championship that I have been a part of in the past is something that I consider a special moment in my career and life.

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