Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Expansion draft rules and protected lists

On January 20, 2012 the Atlantic League will host an expansion draft for the Sugar Land Skeeters.

Here's what the Atlantic League's site states about the draft:

" Expansion Drafts: When a new team joins the league, the existing teams must protect a given number of players from their end-of-season roster (active and disabled). The new teams will draft The Atlantic League negotiating rights to a selected number of players from the existing teams' rosters. No team can lose more than two players."

According to sources, each team will have to submit a list of 13 players to be protected. All non-protected players have the possibility of being drafted by the Skeeters.

Even though it lists on the Atlantic League site that a team can't lose more than two players, I'm hearing that teams can only lose one player max. If I hear anything else about this I'll let our readers know.

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