Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flexfit announced as official head wear of Ducks and Bluefish

Flexfit was announced as the official head wear of Long Island Ducks and Bridgeport Bluefish on Tuesday.

“We’re excited to be able to partner with Flexfit, a company whose values are in lockstep with ours on providing our players and fans with cutting edge, high caliber headwear. Flexfit has established itself as a world leader in the category and we’re working on some exciting new looks and designs for all to enjoy this upcoming season.” said Ducks President/GM and Bluefish Senior VP Mike Pfaff on the Ducks web site.

I was looking at Flexfit's web site today, and they have a huge variety of different styles of hats. The Ducks have always had pretty cool hats, and I hope that continues.

Here's a post I did a few months ago reviewing the Ducks 2011 uniforms. I made a suggestion about a black crown, orange bill hat I'd to see them produce. Hopefully Flexfit will make it a reality.

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