Friday, January 13, 2012

Group proposes ballpark in Malden, Mass

In my post from December 1, 2011 I mentioned that an ownership group in Malden, Mass is trying to put a team together to join the Atlantic League.

Last night Boston Baseball Field of Dreams, led by lawyer Alex Bok, proposed a 6,372-seat stadium that would host a team from the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.

Here's a rendering of the new stadium

This ballpark looks great and seems to fit the Atlantic League (It has a very similar feel to Bethpage Ballpark).

However, Massachusetts has had recent struggles with minor league baseball teams folding. Recently, the Pittsfield Colonials ceased operations while the Brockton Rox downgraded from pro ball to a collegiate level ball (both were apart of the Can-Am League). While Pittsfield is about an hour and half from Boston, Brockton was only 35 minutes away (Malden is 20 minutes away). You have to wonder how much success a team would have in that area.

Having grown up in New England I think this is a great idea, and I hope they succeed so we can see more Atlantic League baseball.

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