Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2000 Long Island Ducks Team Card Set Review

The Long Island Ducks had an impressive inaugural season, going 82-58 and finishing second in the Atlantic League. The Ducks quickly became a major attraction on Long Island with their family atmosphere, affordability and winning product on the field.

The manager of the Ducks was former New York Mets great, Bud Harrelson. Harrelson was not only the manger of the Ducks but also part owner of the team. 

The Ducks had nine former major league players on their inaugural roster including former New York Met Chuck Carr. Some other former big league players included Doug Jennings (who won a world series with the Oakland Athletics), Jeff Granger, Bert Heffernan, and Edgar Ramos. Former major league players Gary Roth, Pat Howell and Rod Henderson were also on the roster but did not have cards in the set. The set also included Ducks great Justin Davies.

The 2000 Long Island Ducks card set featured 30 unnumbered cards by Multi-Ad and sponsored by Kozy Shack Pudding. Four of the cards in this set were not of players (Quacker Jack, EAB Park, Mike Moran, and Tony Amin).

Cards included in the set: 

Bud Harrerlson
Lorenzo Bagley
Matt Wagner
Jeff Granger
Chris McCoy
Brian Barber
Alberto Blanco
Antuan Bunkley
Chuck Carr
John Castellano
Dennis Colon
Justin Davies
Ryan Gorecki
Mike Hughes
Doug Jennings
Edward Lara
Fransisco Morales
Erick Ojeda
Jose Olmeda
Edgar Ramos
Trevor Schaffer
Tom Szymborski
Robert Theodile
Keith Thomas
Bert Heffernan
Don McCormack
Tony Amin
Mike Moran
EAB Park
The cards in the set have a glossy front with a matte finish on the back. The front of the cards feature mostly game action photography (there are a few posed portrait shots), with a gray border, the players name, position, Multi-Ad logo, and Ducks logo. The back of the cards feature biographically information about players, as well as a paragraph write-up, and statistics in black, white, and orange.

This set can be purchased from STB Sports for $12.95 on plus shipping.

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