Monday, March 26, 2012

Brandon Sing Interview

Brandon Sing was originally drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 20th round (620th overall) of the 1999 MLB Amateur Draft.

In his first season of professional baseball Sing played for the AZL Cubs. He hit .265 with 1 home run and 17 RBI in 17 games that season.

Sing had his best season in the Cubs organization in 2004 with Dayton(A+), that season he hit 32 home runs with 92 home runs and .270 batting average.

In 2006, he played 33 games for the cubs Triple-A affiliate Iowa, the highest level of his career.

After a season in the Orioles organization in 2007, Sing joined the Pensacola Pelicans of the American Association in 2008. That season he hit .278 with 22 home runs and 86 RBI.

He came to the Atlantic League in 2009 with Bridgeport and continued his success by hitting .305 with 23 home runs and 94 RBI.

Sing was a member of the Sioux Falls Fighting Pheasants of the American Association the last two seasons. He has a combined .309 batting average with 96 home runs and 323 RBI in his independent career (4 seasons).

On March 13, 2012, Sing signed with the Long Island Ducks for the 2012 season. 

CM: Who were your favorite baseball players and teams when you were growing up? 

BS: My favorite players growing up was Cal Ripken Jr. and Andre Dawson.  My favorite team was the Chicago Cubs. 

CM: Did you collect sports memorabilia? What's your favorite piece in your collection?

BS: Not really, I did collect baseball cards for awhile when I was younger but nothing special. 

CM: Do you remember where you were when you were drafted? What was your reaction?

 BS: I was at home sitting around the phone all day wondering if it would ever ring.  Then in the early afternoon Jim Hendry called and said "congratulations we drafted you in the 20th round."  My reaction was, that I was caught off guard, I really didn't talk to the Cubs at all. I was on cloud nine that my favorite team growing up was giving me a opportunity to get to the big leagues with them!

CM: What was it like playing in the Cubs organization? Do you have a favorite memory?

 BS: It was a great feeling playing for a team you watched growing up.  If was fun getting to experience every level except the big leagues.  I was fond of all the memories but the one that was the best is when I was in Daytona in 2005, we ended being co champs of the Florida State League and I got told by my coaches that I was the MVP, and they brought the trophy out and handed to me.  It was almost as tall as me! 

CM: You had some really good seasons in the Cubs organization, and made it to Triple-A in 2006. Did you think you were going to make it to the major leagues?

BS: I always had that feeling I was going to make it! I ran into some problems with my eyes in 2006 that hurt my chances! It was a tough year trying to get through it! It stuck with me for that year and then the next year. I still have that feeling I can play in the big leagues! I just know my window of opportunity is closing. 

CM: In 2008, you joined the Pensacola Pelicans in the American Association. What was that experience like? 

BS: It was definitely a different experience. Never thought I would end up playing indy ball. That's just something you do not envision yourself doing when you are having such success in affiliated ball. It was probably the most fun I have had playing in my professional career. 

CM: You came to the Atlantic League in 2009 with the Bridgeport Bluefish, and had a career high .305 batting average (at the time) and also career high in RBI. What changed for you that season?

BS: I believe I was always a good hitter just was starting to get my confidence back from my eye problem! But also maturing as a hitter. Doing the little things that I had a hard time doing when I was younger. 

CM: In 2010 and 2011 you played for the Sioux Falls Pheasants in the American and Association and had two great seasons. What do you contribute to your success?

BS: I think I was having fun again and having great teammates! Those are the two things you must have besides talent.  One thing that you learn to do as you make your way up in an organization is how to slow the game down. The game moves so much faster as you move up. So being able to do that is also another key to helping me have success. 

CM: What was it like playing for Sioux Falls?

BS: Sioux Falls was great! I had a good two years there.  You would think it would be very cold up there! The weather and city were actually really nice.

CM: What made you decide to return to the Atlantic League and sign with the Ducks for 2012?

BS: It was a hard decision to make. I really didn't know what I was gonna do. I had a lot of interest from a lot of teams and different leagues. My family and agent believe that it's a good opportunity to help a team win(which is very important to me!) and also help me get back to affiliated ball. 

CM: What do you expect from yourself and the Ducks in 2012?

BS: I expect great things! I always expect great things out of myself! I never really set goals. I always want to go out and help the team because at the end of the day if I do that my numbers will be there. 

CM: What did you think of the fans in the Atlantic League? 

BS: They are great. Every team in the league has great support. I'm really looking forward to playing in front of all the Duck fans! They always have a great turnout!  

CM: If you could play catch with one person dead or alive who would it be?

BS: It would have to be both. I would have both my grandpas, my dad, brother, and my son! I know that sounds crazy but it would be such a great feeling to play catch with all the men in the family, together!

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