Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Duck Hats and Jerseys For Sale

The Ducks unveiled a new hat by FlexFit on their online store. The hat looks strikingly similar to the hat  that I suggested they design back in November. Take a look at the hats and tell me what you think?

2011 Ducks uniform review
2012 - Black/Orange 6580 Hat - Ducks Online store

Of course I like the new hats because I suggested it on here.

Also, the Ducks now have jerseys for sale on their website, another thing I had asked for. Check out the jerseys in their online store. Each jersey is priced at a reasonable $85.00!

Pinstripe White Home Jersey
Alternate Orange Jersey
Black Road Jersey 

Awesome news for Duck fans!

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  1. So the Ducks basically ripped off your design and didn't credit you? Awesome.