Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reaction to Garko, Nelson, and Ortiz Signings

These are three solid acquisitions by the Ducks. After much of last years offense left this offseason, the Ducks had a tall order ahead of them. However, they took a major step in replacing those players today.

Ryan Garko is a power hitter who will be a great fit in the middle of the Ducks lineup. He'll spend most of his time as their DH with Brandon Sing playing first. One thing I think people overlook about Garko is that for a power hitter he hits for a decent average. He hit .275 in his major league career.

Bryant Nelson is a well traveled veteran who has played for the Ducks before. He's a solid hitter who can play most of the infield positions but I see him playing third base for the Ducks this season. He adds leadership to the Ducks clubhouse as well.

Wilberto Ortiz went to Dowling College, so he's very familiar with the geographic area, and shouldn't have an adjustment period like some players do. He's a very solid infielder who can play shortstop, second base and third base. He'll fill the Ducks need for utility man and give Dan Lyons and Ray Navarrete a day off when needed.

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  1. R-Gark! Niiiiiiiice.

    Seriously though, he's a nice pickup. Decent glove at first too, might be able to play some corner OF and serves as an adequate emergency catcher in the unlikely event that both catchers end up somehow out of the game at the same time.

  2. The Ducks don't have a catcher on their roster...I wonder if they'll let him?